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Things You See Everyday but Don't Know What It's For

In our day by day lives, we are pass by many  items that appear to be so basic

 we don't stop to think why they are truly required 

We  chose to tell  you regarding the weird reasons those ordinary  thing

The hole in the cover of a Ball Point Pen

Most people think the hall in the cover of Ball point pen is to keep the ink from drying out while  some others think it is to help take off the cover, while the real reason is  that some people like to chew the pen and this hole is for safety so if some one swallows the pen the whole will let him breath and he will not choke
Lego heads have halls in them for the same purpose

Notebook margins

It was usual that rats and mice gnaw the edge of the paper so the margins where made to keep the
. writing away from the side of the notebook which is probably damaged

The arrow next to a gas gauge

If you are driving a vehicle and saw a an arrow beside the gas gauge chances are you did not to the   reason you find this arrow in this place. well, if you are driving the car for the first time this arrow will show you which side the gas tank  

Donut Hole

 Donuts, yes very widely known but did you ask why is it the 
Bakery use it to be hard to get he edges in the pie equally baked 
The extra pocket in the right side of the suit jacket

The extra pocket  was used to keep tickets in the train station away from the other messy and dirty pockets just like the pocket on the top right side was used to keep handkerchiefs

Coins are given ripped edges

Coins are given these ripped edges to prevent people from shaving the edges and form a whole new coin the edges makes it obvious, when some thing like this happens

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Things You See  Everyday but Don
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